About Me

My name is Ben Baird. I live a happy, mildly adventurous life with my wife and two young children. Although I never have world enough and time to do everything I'd like, I'm a programmer at heart - and with the advent of this blog, I'm re-prioritizing programming as my "lifelong learning" hobby of choice.

I was introduced to the world of code through Microsoft BASIC on an IBM PCjr. Although it was fascinating at the time, my love of programming didn't fully manifest until I discovered Visual Basic 3.0, at which point I dedicated myself to the pursuit of making magic through a keyboard.

Currently, my day job involves coding a number of ASP.NET applications in C# for the I.T. department in which I work. But I spend many an evening learning new languages and technologies, attempting to stay current on the latest developments in software design and engineering.

I've got a long way to go, but there's always something amazing around every corner.